New Inventory

A new dawn means new seeds. These are the seeds i will be germinating:

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New inventory

A new dawn means new seeds. These are the seeds i will be germinating:


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All that is wrong with Australian Television

Australian television is at it’s lowest point. There I said it.

Just have a look at scheduling for a Wednesday night of FTA in Melbourne. I have used a colour code to highlight content not made in Australia, blue for American and UK shows and green for news and current affairs. I have left out ABC and SBS as the avg Australian does not watch these stations and they hardly rate in the grand scheme of things.

No wonder most Australians are dumb. 3/4 of our television scheduling is filled with American crap and shows that have been shown repeatedly for the past 25 years. The shows that are produced locally are rip off from overseas content or just news.

How very uninspiring to say the least!

Which leads me to the harsh criticism Ben Elton has received in the trash media and the general Australian public, i.e bogans, in the last two weeks. Australians are not used to thinking when it comes to entertainment these days and rather the safe option of dumbed down formulaic crap that is American TV. Without canned laughter the avg Australian viewer gets confused – which then turns into anger and disgust without really thinking what the show is about.  That is why shows like 2 and half men, big bang theory and friends et al are so popular. Commercial stations know this and continually serve up the same rubbish not daring to take risks in case they lose advertising revenue from viewers turning off, which at the end of the day is what FTA stations care about.

A perfect example of this countries refusal to accept quality programming is George Negus and his new hard hitting news and current affairs programme . Ch 10 are making an effort to bring real current affairs to our screens but it has received a LOT of unjustified criticism. Much to ch 10 credit they have persisted with the show. More disturbing is shows like ACA and Today Tonight, which claim to be current affairs, rate over 1 million people a night. If anyone outside Australia has seen these shows they would wonder why they are classified as such when all they ever report on are “migrants who steal our jobs” “conmen duping grannys” “advertorials for weight lost products” or reporters chasing down innocent people and destroying their lives with sensationalist rubbish.

Another example is Ben Eltons “Live from planet earth” which is a return to what TV used to be, edgy, funny and daring to push the boundaries.

There was a time not so long ago when Australia produced quality television shows.

So what happened?

Game shows disguised as “reality shows” is what happened. Plus it’s cheaper to import discarded American shows which don’t even screen in the country they were produced than too make quality local shows.  Local shows are given a max of 2 weeks to impress or they get axed. Another factor is the ratings game that Australians love to play. A system that is flawed as rating boxes are given to 1% of the population while the true viewer has no say. Again another fine example of the dumb bogan having the final say and thinking they represent the large chunk of non bogues.

And the sad reality is that it’s not going to get any better. I think it’s time to switch of the box and continue reading the books I have neglected.

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Shane Warne and that has been, a match made in herald sun heaven

What is it with this boofhead and bogans?

For the past 20 years the Australian Bogan has had this fascination with this “spin king” and has salivated in his conquests. The king of bogans has never let his fan-base down with his indiscretions away from the sporting arena. See in Australian mainstream society a sportsman who does Australia proud, even if it is playing a sport akin to watching paint dry, is forgiven and even placed among kings even if he sleeps around his wife’s back, smokes ciggies while he is endorsing nicotine patches or blames his mummy when he was caught out using a banned substance. The Australian male sees this as a reflection of himself and thus this boofhead has become “a legend” as his fans put it, an enigma which the bogan male aspires too.

And now he has managed to bed one Liz Hurley, who lets face it has no class. She might have been some what of a model some 18 years ago, but these days she ranks amongst the bottom of a heap of has-beens. Something is telling me that she and boofhead Warne are using this as a PR stunt to get their already over exposed ugly heads in the media.

And then this. Oh dear Mr Warne you have no class and twittering just proves that you cannot keep that botox and plastic head away from the spot light. Maybe they both meet at the plastic surgeons office while they were upgrading their faces?

But one thing for sure it shows more the type of woman Liz Hurley is when she dates a disgusting bogan like Shane Warne. No class at all and one of the world’s foremost gold diggers.


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